Saturday, 20 September 2014

Four Formal Shirts that are a Must for Every Man

Men of substance are defined by their choice of clothes. Whatever they choose to wear casually is a matter of comfort, dictated only by whims but for choosing the perfect formal attire, a few points need to be kept in mind. A casual half-sleeved shirt is inappropriate for formal occasions as is a bold printed one. When you buy formal shirts online in india, adhering to staple styles is the best way to go. The most important rule to stick to is to the most luxurious fabric and concentrate on fit. It makes sense to have a few basic styles to add variety and avoid monotony. Here is a lowdown on five styles that are a good start for formal shirts for men while online shopping -

I. The spread collar - A very stylish shirt, it has a collar that is wide spread and shows more of the shirt. When you buy shirts for men online, select this style as it is suitable for wearing with a tie, particularly one that is knotted in a fuller style such as the Windsor. It is not worn without a tie and looks perfectly at home in the boardroom or at any formal event.

II. The all-rounder - When looking for formal shirts for men online while shopping, one that can go from semi-formal to formal, with or without a tie in a jiffy, choose a straight collar shirt in a fine material. From the office to a family outing, it is adaptable to a variety of styles. Buy in different colours and patterns to suit the occasion.

III. The Dressy Cufflink shirt - Nothing matches the formal look that a pair of cufflinks bring to your shirt. Choose a french cuff with elegant cuffs to carry the look to the most formal occasions. Buy formal shirts online in India and add the finest cufflinks you can find as they can make all the difference between tacky and classy.

IV. The Linen Shirt - Acceptable as formal wear, this is a style that has gained in popularity in the recent years. Go in for a variety of colours to complete your wardrobe.

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