Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Best Denims for Men according to Built

If there is a universal language of clothes, it is denim. Jeans are one garment that know no bar and cross the boundaries of age, sex, region, religion and all else. From the most fashion conscious men to the most conservative ones, jeans are everyone's staple. There are jeans in every wardrobe that have seen more seasons than any other garment. This makes them an investment that you will wear for many years. The best denim jeans for men are the ones that are comfortable, sturdy and look great. Buy the very best quality and it is a great idea to pick them on a discount as jeans for men are a garment that is a must in their wardrobe. To find a pair that works for you, refer to our style guide and get shopping -

Skinny Fit - A narrow style, it is best for very fit men as even an ounce of extra fat gets highlighted in the tight style. If you are tall and lean, you can go for it safely. The best skinny jeans for men are the ones which show-off your toned body but hide the problem areas.

Regular Fit - This is the fit that most people prefer and is also the one that flatters most body types. Choose one that fits well and you can never go wrong. This is an evergreen style that never goes out of fashion and you can buy these discounted jeans for men online and enjoy great variety. The best denim jeans for men, pair them with a shirt or a tee and look smart.

Comfort Fit - A relaxed fit, it is very comfortable for wearing over long hours. While it may be tempting to get into a Comfort fit pair if you are on the heavier side, it is not a good idea as it will only add more bulk. It is the most casual of all the jean styles and is better left for wearing around the house.

High Rise - They mostly have a comfortable fit and sit high on the waist. It helps shape up your tummy and tightens your butt. Choose it to hide a bit of flab, although this style is not very popular with the youth.

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